The Mysanthrope, 2016
Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]
18.10.2016 + 19.10.2016

Molière’s the Misanthrope; prudishly presented by IMPURE FICTION (found 2016, dysmembered): adopted via English in Phlegm and Spleen (sans gêne), insincerely and overtly wigged, heavens, yes, I would not love her if she did not love me! Of course man, but there is politics to fear . . . a twenty-one year old window? SONNETED by Orlando? Human nature, do not dog my steps! Is it by the the long nail on his LITTLE finger you identify his quality, madam? I share the same respect for the (voluminous) Blonde Wig he chooses to affect . . . But know the thing is TRASH, literally; how can you praise it? Blast the close; you better close your face! I fear you’re flattening (merging with?) me a bit… Hypocrite! What else do you call it? The Right to Be Lazy. Poh! Entertain this Lady, I must write a LETTER. Performed live; nudity, water, music.

Presented by La Biennale de Montréal in collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT].

Photo: Guy L’Heureux